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Genetics icon Genetics: Indica, Sativa
Autoflowering icon Lichtperiode: Normal
Seedtype icon Seed Type: Feminisiert
pa_strainparent icon Stammpflanze: AK47 x Serious Mimosa
pa_indooryieldmax icon Innenbereich Ertrag max.: 600 g
pa_flowertimemin icon Blütezeit min.: 7 Wochen
pa_flowertimemax icon Blütezeit max.: 8.5 Wochen

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Seriosa is the result of crossing an outstanding ‘AK47’ with our best ‘Serious Mimosa’. Most plants from those seeds do not form a bushy shape but rather have 1 main stem with few shorter side branches on the lowest knots. The buds are grouped along the main stem opposite of each other, with the main bud being the biggest. This is the Mimosa type pheno. Other plants tend to have bigger buds from their AK47 parent. This pheno seems to be more present in the regular seeds ?the promo seeds we give away are feminized?. All buds have a lot of crystals, or trichomes. This applies also to the single small leaves sticking out from the buds. Buds of the more Mimosa type pheno are compact, round, and of medium size. While plants with a more AK47 structure have bigger and more elongated buds. Flowering time is max. 8 weeks with some faster ones. Towards the end more than half of the plants show beautiful lila and purple colors in the leaves and in the tops. They do not come from stimulation by low temperatures, but rather from the ripening up of the plants. This coloration seems to be more prominent in feminized than in the regular seeds. All Seriosa plants are high in THC with almost no CBD. The odour and taste of the Seriosa form a line with two ends. The fruitiness of the Mimosa on one side of the spectrum and the more sweetish spiceyness of AK47 on the other side. Individual plants take different positions somewhere on the line of this spectrum.

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Samen Typ



AK47 x Serious Mimosa



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Indica, Sativa