Pineapple Express Auto

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Genetics icon Genetics: Großteils Indica, Sativa
Autoflowering icon Lichtperiode: Auto
Seedtype icon Seed Type: Feminisiert
pa_strainparent icon Stammpflanze: Pineapple Chunk x BF Super Auto #1
pa_indooyieldmin icon Innenbereich Ertrag Min.: 500 g
pa_indooryieldmax icon Innenbereich Ertrag max.: 600 g
pa_outdoorheightmin icon im Freien Pflanzengröße min.: 100 cm
pa_outdoorheightmax icon im Freien Pflanzengröße max.: 110 cm
pa_indoorheightmax icon Innenbereich Pflanzengröße max.: 110 cm
pa_indoorheightmin icon Innenbereich Pflanzengröße min.: 90 cm
pa_flowertimemin icon Blütezeit min.: 8 Wochen
pa_flowertimemax icon Blütezeit max.: 9 Wochen
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Pineapple Express Auto by Barneys Farm is a robust, fast-flowering, and easy-to-grow cannabis plant, now available in an autoflowering variant. This strain combines the ease of growing auto-flowering plants with the delicious flavors and effects of the famous Pineapple Express. With a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetic makeup, Pineapple Express Auto is designed for those seeking a deeply relaxing body effect complemented by sweet aromas and intense pineapple flavors.

This strain is highly resistant to mold and pests, making it an excellent choice for novice growers and those looking for a hassle-free growing experience. The vegetative period is notably short, at just 4 weeks, with a flowering time of merely 30 days, allowing for quick turnover from seed to harvest.

The expected yield is impressive for an auto-flowering strain, with each plant producing between 60 to 100 grams of high-quality, resin-coated buds that boast earthy Indica flavors alongside the sweet, tropical essence of pineapple. This makes Pineapple Express Auto a delightful choice for enthusiasts of fruity strains and those seeking the therapeutic benefits of Indica, such as pain relief and stress reduction.

Ideal Conditions for Pineapple Express Auto:

  • Genetics: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa, carrying the legacy of Pineapple Express in an autoflowering form.
  • Seed Storage: Store seeds in a cool, dark place inside an airtight container, preferably in a refrigerator but without freezing them.
  • Germination Method: The paper towel method is recommended for germinating Pineapple Express Auto seeds. Keep the seeds between moist paper towels in a warm, dark environment and check daily to ensure they remain moist. Once germinated, carefully transplant the seedlings into soil or another suitable growing medium.
  • Optimal Germination Temperature: Aim for a germination temperature range between 70°F and 90°F (21°C to 32°C). Avoid temperatures outside this range to ensure healthy germination and plant development.

Pineapple Express Auto is a testament to the advancements in cannabis breeding, offering a seamless grow experience without sacrificing the quality and potency associated with the Pineapple Express lineage.

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Großteils Indica, Sativa

Samen Typ



Pineapple Chunk x BF Super Auto #1



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