Guerrillas Gusto regulär

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Genetics icon Genetics: Großteils Indica
Autoflowering icon Lichtperiode: Normal
Seedtype icon Seed Type: Regulär
pa_strainparent icon Stammpflanze: Indian Indicas x Sensi Genetics (Skunk, among others)
pa_outdoorheightmin icon im Freien Pflanzengröße min.: 200 cm
pa_outdoorheightmax icon im Freien Pflanzengröße max.: 300 cm
pa_flowertimemin icon Blütezeit min.: 9 Wochen
pa_flowertimemax icon Blütezeit max.: 10 Wochen

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One of the newest outdoor cannabis varieties that we have to offer. Ideal for beginners, this easy to grow, powerfully vigorous, fast flowering Indica hybrid will grow well in almost any climate and will be ready to harvest before the end of September. This is an outdoor cannabis strain developed in Northern Spain that was given to us at the Sensi Seed Bank as a thank you from one of our many dedicated customers. After some genetic development, Guerrilla`s Gusto was made available to the outdoor guerrilla grower. One can expect large yields of high quality, thick, sticky buds with an intense, long lasting, physical body centered stone. Flowering: mid September Height: 200-300 cm Yield: up to 250 gr

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Samen Typ



Indian Indicas x Sensi Genetics (Skunk, among others)



im Freien Pflanzengröße min.


im Freien Pflanzengröße max.


Blütezeit min.


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Großteils Indica